About ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is used as the cloud-based mapping platform to allow access to geographic data anywhere, anytime and on any device. Here you can develop your ideas and create new innovative apps whether you are a programmer or not. By combining data sources of your own with exciting data provided by Gävle Innovation Arena you will have the opportunity to create apps for organizational use or to engage with the public. You will find resources for:

Map authoring – Design web maps with content of your choice.

Analysis – Plenty of tools to help you get deeper insights

Web App Builder and Templates - Create new apps without writing code.

APIs and SDKs - All the resources you need to develop your own mobile, web or desktop apps.

Ready To Use Apps – Complement workflows with available ArcGIS standard apps.

Hosting – Add your own data and host it in the cloud.

And of course, plenty of ready to use data!

Get started

Are you interested in what data Gävle Innovation Arena has to offer?
Click the "Groups" tab and join the groups that interest you.
Tip: The ability to download your favorite data is available.

Are you interested in creating a map?
Join the groups that interest you and find exciting data.
Click the "Map" tab and start creating. Feel free to use one of the guided tours to quickly get you started.
Finish by creating an app based on your map and share it with interested parties.

Tip: The ability to add your own data is available.

Are you a developer who wants to explore the possibilities with ArcGIS Online?
Check out the ArcGIS for Developer site.

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