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Gävle Innovation Arena

Build the future. Today.
Gävle Innovation Arena is the natural result and continuation of great initiatives in Sweden and around the world. The Collabs contribute with different components in terms of: resources, perspectives and functionality. The Collabs create an inspiring, productive and collaborative environment to promote, create and produce research solutions and innovations. All for the benefit of the future smart, sustainable and viable city.


Sensing City

The research within Sensing City is performed through a co-operation between Future Position X, Canterbury University (New Zeeland), CRC-SI (Australia), Gävle Hospital and University of Gävle.
Sensing City is a unique study where geospatial traits (such as air quality) and the patients’ health are combined to better understand how patients with this disease can be supported to avoid hospitalisation.
The study in Gävle is conducted in the Gävle Innovation Arena – Reality Lab, where outdoor air sensors are installed to give close to real time understanding of the air quality around the patient. The air quality data can be displayed in the Gävle Innovation Arena – 4D interactive model.
To learn more, contact Per Andersson, Process Manager Research and Academy



Born global
TRIIP – The Regional Innovation Internationalization Project, targets Micro-Enterprises from Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland. Businesses, Innovators and Entrepreneurs with ideas, products or services with the potential to be developed and established internationally. These businesses have the chance to be involved in developing new methods to succeed internationally.
The TRIIP – project ended 2018-12-31. Below you can read about some sucsess stories as a result from TRIIP.



Fort - value chain for offshore industry.
In the FORT-project FPX has visited the Norwegian offshore cluster NODE in Kristiansand around IoT in the Offshore industry. Through the collaboration, challenges have been worked out for the offshore industry, such as facilitating offshore maintenance. Conducted a one-day activity with applied innovation processes around IoT challenges together with University, business and public sector.


Innovation Express X-Hack

In the fall of 2018, a pilot hack was conducted around a number of focus areas, XR technology, smart information flows, smart cities and IoT. Where the participants were allowed to collaborate in interdisciplinary groups during a day with the opportunity to stay overnight. A creative process that provided solutions and collaborations that formed the basis for the continued development of the concept. Participants came from both one-man companies and major consulting companies. Academics and public actors were also represented. The presentation provided positive feedback, and discussions are already underway about using the program even outside the framework of the X-hackathon. With the pilot as a starting point, a more focused concept was then created, focusing on technology.
During the spring of 2019, we conducted 2 hackathons in Gävle with different technical teams. The first was about blockchain technology and was implemented with the help of Fujitsu Sweden. Developers from participating companies tested to code in the ”Hyper ledger fabric” to solve a given traffic flow challenge.
The second Hackathon in Gävle focused on the Internet of Things, heavily influenced by GCE NODE’s hack in Norway. During the hackathon, MXChip used an IoT development platform adapted for Microsoft Azure in order to quickly access real-time data from a number of sensors. 4 ideas and solutions from as many groups emerged from this process, the week after the hack one of the participants had also developed another solution. The participants represented both large companies and start-ups.
The regional incubator Movexum also participated in the hack as an observer and they belive that future hack will be able to produce positive effects. Where products and services can be incubated in the incubator and companies that need expertise in technology can get project support from FPX. A positive synergy effect that was not anticipated before the project.
During the project we have visited GCE NODE in Kristiansand 2 times. A visit in common with the Latvian IT cluster where a visit to the cluster in Kristiansand and a visit to Mechatronics lab in Grimstad were conducted. The second visit to NODE was carried out in conjunction with their first Hackathon, where IoT was the focus and 5 companies connected to GCE NODE participated. For this Hackathon we had also invited Sigma Energy & Marine from the Offshore cluster, unfortunately their participants fell ill at the last minute and could not participate in the Hackathon in Kristiansand.
A visit to Riga and the Latvian IT cluster was conducted, focusing on experience / cluster exchange and future plans for Hackathons as a concept. Latvian IT demo centers were also visited and talks on joint initiatives were held.



Purpose and goal

The aim of the project has been to create increased conditions and increase motivation for women to work and work in the growing competence area ICT. Through a series of activities and educational efforts, the project has helped to raise the issue to a larger group in society than before and reached entirely new target groups that participated in the educational activities.
Results and expected effects
The women who participated in the project’s activities have exhibited characteristics and experiences that were not expected at the start of the project. On the one hand, the women who participated have been significantly more academically qualified and at the same time most have been professionals and saw the project’s educational efforts as a chance to test programming. Without the project, this would not have been possible to test for the target group.
Design and implementation
The project has been run on several tracks. The first thing that was created was a network for younger girls to meet role models and try out programming in collaboration with the Real Gymnasium, Gävledala E-sportförening and Escape gaming. The second has been to try out programs with Technigo under the brand Girls Codes, where women have been given the opportunity to try programming. A network with the education players in the region was created for the preparation of new types of education and with a business community for needs inventory and contact with future employers.



Innovationsklivet will facilitate people with ideas and solutions to problems or challenges by clarifying what innovation-promoting services are in Gävleborg and where they can get support in their entrepreneurship, regardless of where in the county they are or who they are.
With common forces and competences, a coherent, clear and accessible regional support system will be established to capture ideas that can be new innovations. The long-term goal is that this in turn will lead to more innovations, increased competitiveness and increased employment in Gävleborg.
Innovationklivet is a collaboration project between publicly financed actors responsible for innovation development in Gävleborg; municipal business offices, innovation nodes, innovation hubs, clusters and the University of Gävle.
The project owner and driving coordinator is Region Gävleborg. The project is funded through regional development funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Region Gävleborg and is ongoing 2017-2020.






API - Explore the new API and get data from Lantmäteriet!  

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The Mapping & Analytic Platform - Work smarter with ArcGIS. 

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The VR-enabled 4D-model - Explore the VR-enabled 4D-model over Gävle and test, simulate and experience real time data in the digital world.


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The Reality testbed - Explore and use reality testbed with real conditions and real-time over Gävle.


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The Data lake - Access data from organizations and goverments


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Blockchain testbed - Test the secure future today! 



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Datasets in the Data lake

The available datasets can be found at this page.