Esri Sweden wants to set a good example

Lars Backhans, CEO Esri Sweden

Tell us, how did you get involved in the project?

We have seen examples from other parts of the world where GIS technology is being used to not only provide access to open data, but also to make it available in such a way as to promote innovation. There are no great examples in Sweden and when FPX and the region decided to build a platform for data driven innovation we saw that we could be a part of this. 

Why is this kind of innovation platform important for your organization?

We aspire to help our customers to use GIS technology in new and innovative ways to help them increase their sustainability – be it from a social, environmental, democratic or financial perspective. The Gävle Innovation Arena will be a great example for the rest of Sweden how this could be done, and we need great examples.

What's your expectations as a collab?

We expect policy makers, businesses, startups, and local and regional government to start harvesting the data to learn new insights. And in that we expect them to see the Power of GIS.

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