Three quick questions for the collabs

Mats Snäll, head of digitization Lantmäteriet

Tell us, how did you get involved in the project?

Lantmäteriet is a collab in GIA because the interest for innovation and development in the area of real property, land and geographical information. In order to fulfil our mission and to meet future demands the agency need to cooperate, share and explore possibilities and options as well as face challenges. GIA is such an opportunity to explore some of the innovation areas Lantmäteriet work with.

Why is this kind of innovation platform important for your organization?

The innovation arena allows a broader perspective and many interest parties to join and use our data and the ideas that comes may lead to inventions later on.

What's your expectations as a collab?

Our expectation from GIA is that the arena is well used and that our data shows to be useful for ideas to be both explored and later to be developed into good citizen services.

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