Gender equality in ICT

We are working actively to abolish all forms of discrimination against girls and women overall (Equality goal 5.1 Agenda 2030). The purpose is to create increased conditions and improve the motivation of women to work within the growing area Internet Communication Technology (ICT). Today, the balance between young men and women who get education in the ICT professions is low. At the same time, today's traditional educations are dominated by women, for example, the assistant nurses, dental nurses and preschool teachers, which is not adaptable to the development and requirements of ICT applications in the smart, sustainable and viable cities.

Rapid changes in the current inequality within ICT education in young women and men is one of the keys to increase equality, but also to ensure the coming constantly accelerating needs of competence for companies and the public sector. The lack of resources with the right competence is a major reason for the inhibited growth and development.

The purpose of the project is to inspire young women to choose a future in ICT and also that young women drive new applications of ICT in their professional roles and contribute to improve the environments and contexts in which young women are excluded today, for example, e-sports. Kraft 5.2 will lead to increased application of ICT in traditional women-dominated education such as nurses and preschool teachers. Kraft 5.2 will also provide increased opportunities for equal care, because many of the challenges in the program are designed around this. An increased supplement will lead to a significant increase in the opportunity for a special focus on the equality conditions of young women.

Contact person

Per Andersson
Process Manager Academy & Research, Future Position X

The project is funded by Vinnova.